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Materials and guides on different aspects of negotiation and conflict resolution. Negotiations: What Are They?
What did the term "negotiations" mean originally and what does it mean now?

Bare Bone Guide
Short and general information about negotiation, including several tips for improving your negotiation skills, by G.E. Kersten and S.J. Noronha.

Conflict Situations
An overview of different conflict issues, it's positive and negative aspects and the ways to deal with it.

The Art of War Negotiations
A. Tse and G.E. Kersten show how Sun Tzu s writings can provide insights not only in war as the ultimate resolution of conflict but also in negotiatiations.

Successful Negotiator
A short note on some of the successful negotiators' skills and characteristics.

Power and Influence
A short note about sources of power and strategies of influence.

A short note about breakdowns and conflict reduction strategies.

Conflict Resolution
On the key methods of conflict resolution.

Negotiation Phrases
A brief list of expressions used in bargaining classified into gentle, middle of the road and aggressive. To be used only at your own risk .

Negotiation Glossary
Negotiation is a process that involves two or more agents who communicate for the purpose of exchanging some goods and defining the terms of the exchange.

Invite users
See graphs and charts that depict typical invite users

  August 22, 2019
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