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 InterNeg Research Centre
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Eva Chen, Gregory Kersten and Rustam Vahidov (Concordia University, Canada)


As e-negotiation systems facilitate and even mediate the exchange process, they inevitably frame information that affects decision-making. So far, e-negotiation research has focused on decision support in the gain frame (whereby offers are presented in positive terms). This projects aims to investigate how the framing of outcomes (in gains or losses) impacts collaborative and competitive negotiators at the dyadic and individual levels. The results hope to provide (1) designers with prescriptive advice on building decision-support systems using framing for conflict resolution, and (2) researchers with better understanding of the influence of framing on the process (number of offers, cooperativeness, discussion climate and cognitive effort) and outcome (joint outcome, contract balance, outcome satisfaction and relationship).


A 2X2 factorial design is used to cross collaborative and competitive orientations with gain and loss frames. This design is investigated in both the laboratory and internet setting with undergraduate business students.



To see more information on the Frame project, please go to: Project  Summary.pdf

  August 22, 2019
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