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Invite Experiments


Concordia team: Simone Ludwig, Eva Chen, Gregory Kersten, JinBaek Kim
Collaborators: Stefan Strecker (Universität Duisburg-Essen)


An ongoing research project in which a variety of relationships between e-negotiation systems, their users, the negotiation problems, and the context are investigated. In all these experiments with use the Invite e-negotiation platform. We use Invite to generate various ENSs.

The first series of experiments conducted in Spring 2006, investigates the effects of the presence of analytical support and the enforcement of preferences with the Inspire negotiation protocol.

Experimental Design

In Spring 2006 we investigate two treatment variables with two levels each (see figure).

  1. Analytical support involves user's preference elicitation and construction of a rating (value function).
    • Analytical support Analytical support is defined as the availability of a graph showing the offers made in the negotiation history and the presence of utility values when making or receiving/evaluating offers.
    • No analytical support - No analytical support is defined as the absence of the above mentioned graph and utility values.
  2. Preference enforcement
    • Given values - Given values is defined as making the exact values of the preference structure available to the subjects, e.g., give a numerical value for each weight, issue and option.
    • No given values - No given values is defined as making only the monotonicity constraints of the preference structure available to the subjects, e.g., a shorter delivery time is always better ceteris paribus. The subjects receives verbal information on the importance of issues and options but no rating values. \"\"

Electronic Negotiation Experiment

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