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Multi-Attribute Reverse Auction and Negotiation


  • Shikui Wu, Gregory Kersten, Rustam Vahidov and Dmitry Gimon (Concordia University, Canada)
  • Rossella Moramarco and Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)


Transactions through e-markets are numerous and continue to grow. Auctions and negotiations are typical exchange mechanisms used for the procurement of goods and services in e-markets. Exchange mechanisms can be implemented using various information technologies, resulting in different e-market systems. Existing literature has either focused on the mechanisms and the technologies separately, or viewed e-market system as a “black-box”. Inconsistent results on the impact of e-market systems have led to the consideration of contextual factors. Nevertheless, little effort has been made to systemically examine the joint and conditional effects of the mechanisms and technologies in e-market exchange. This has made the comparison of markets inadequate and unrealistic.

The proposed research adopts a contingency perspective to explore the alignment patterns among exchange mechanisms, information technologies and transaction tasks in logistics services procurement. Web-based experiments are designed to compare the substantive performance and the participants’ perceptions and satisfaction under different settings, in which three multi-attribute exchange mechanisms are implemented using different technologies and are used for different transaction tasks. The potential contribution is to provide guidelines for appropriate design and selection of exchange mechanisms, particularly for logistics services procurement.


Laboratory and Web-based experiments with settings that resemble real-life situations in e-business. The participants will be students from business schools and professionals in logistics service.


Two state of art systems have been developed and used for experimental studies: (1) Imaras: a multi-attribute reverse auction system; and, (2) Imbins: a multi-bilateral negotiation system.

The video demonstration of our systems are available on YouTube: Imaras and Imbins (seller, buyer).


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  May 24, 2019
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