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Predictive Intelligent Assessment of Negotiation Outlook


Rustam Vahidov, Real Carbonneau, Montreal, Canada


This projects aims at developing support tools that assist in predicting opponent’s offers. The predictive model employs neural networks for accomplishing the task. The network is trained using the data from past negotiations collected through the Inspire and Invite systems. The model allows the negotiator to enter the candidate offer and see the possible counter-offer by the opponent. Thus, the negotiator could use “what-if” analysis in composing his or her offer before submitting it to the opponent. The project had started with the model built for a specific case and is progressing towards developing more generic models.


  • “Predicting Opponent's Moves In Electronic Negotiations Using Neural Networks”, Carbonneau, R., Kersten, G., & Vahidov, R., Expert Systems with Applications, 34 (2), 2008, pp. 1266-1273.
  • “Neural Network-based Model for Intelligent Negotiation Assistant”, Carbonneau, R., Kersten, G. & Vahidov, R., Group Decision and Negotiation, 2006, Karlsruhe, Germany, June 25-28, 2006.

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