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Internet Multi-Attribute Decision Expert


Jamshid Etezadi, Amir Sadaghianizadeh (Concordia University, Canada)


iMade is a web-based decision support system designed to assist users in decision making when they face complex multi-attribute decision problems (MCDM). This system is developed based on the well-known additive multi-attribute model which incorporates users' error in judgments and modeling measurement. Indeed, iMade provides an error-free estimation of parameters of Keeny and Raifa's multi-attribute utility functions which is used for analyzing complex decision problems and ranking alternatives based on user's preferences. This context-independent system can be used for any MCDM situation.


  • Decision making process will be compared with different methods of existing decision aggregation algorithms.
  • Technocentric view including embedding the required technologies (applications) and designing the system will be considered; besides, its usability will be tested by using both walkthrough and heuristic analysis.
  • Studying the impact of affect on assessment of group decision support systems; in order to test the success of the system and predict its future use, a research model based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) will be applied. This study is aimed to explore the effect of people behavior in groups (and group interaction particularly) on their perceptions (beliefs) of the system that they are engaged in.


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  August 22, 2019
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