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 InterNeg Research Centre
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InterNeg Research Papers

Our research papers provide an outlet for dissemination of both our own and our collaborators' research within and around the field of electronic negotiations. We have designed and implemented several novel software solutions, designed negotiation protocols, and conducted tests and experiments. These and other results have been discussed in reports and articles.

If you would like add a paper to our series, please contact Ms. Norma Paradis

    Papers by Year:

2014 : 3 Papers

  • Are Procurement Auctions Good for Society and for Buyers?, Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/14, Full text (pdf, 298 kb)
  • Selling Through Priceline? On the Impact of Name-Your-Own-Price in Competitive Market, Xiao Huang, Greys Sošić and Gregory E. Kersten. INR02/14, Full text (pdf, 530 kb)
  • Multi-attribute Procurement Auctions: Efficiency and Social Welfare in Theory and Practice, Gregory E. Kersten. INR01/14, Full text (pdf, 571 kb)

2013 : 2 Papers

  • Auctions and Negotiations are Comparable, Aren’t They? Gregory E. Kersten & Margaret Kersten. INR02/13, Full text (pdf, 935 kb)
  • The Effects of Using a Bid Generator in Reverse Multi-attribute Auctions. Dmitry Gimon, Gregory E. Kersten & Tomasz Wachowicz. INR01/13, Full text (pdf, 1,023 kb)

2012 : 16 Papers

  • Auctions and Negotiations in E-procurement: A Comparison of Three Experiments. Gregory E. Kersten, Pierpaulo Pontrandolfo & Rustam Vahidov. INR16/12, Full text (pdf, 1,285 kb)
  • A Behavioral Study of Concession-making: Multi-attribute Auctions vs. Multi-bilateral Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten, Rustam Vahidov & Dmitry Gimon. INR15/12, Full text (pdf, 1,377 kb)
  • Concession-making in Multi-bilateral Negotiations and Multi-attribute Auctions. Gregory E. Kersten & Dmitry Gimon. INR14/12, Full text (pdf, 824 kb)
  • Auction and Negotiation in E-procurement: The Costs and Payoffs from Buyers’ Engagement. Gregory E. Kersten, Dmitry Gimon, Pierpaulo Pontrandolfo & Rustam Vahidov. INR13/12, Full text (pdf, 1,253 kb)
  • Multi-bilateral Negotiations and Multi-attribute Reverse Auctions: An Experimental Study of Concession-making. Gregory E. Kersten & Dmitry Gimon. INR12/12, Full text (pdf, 548 kb)
  • Sellers’ Objectives in E-procurement Auction and Negotiation Experiments. Gregory E. Kersten, ShiKui Wu & Dmitry Gimon. INR11/12, Full text (pdf, 324 kb)
  • Information Revelation in Multi-Attribute Reverse Auctions: An Experimental Examination. ShiKui Wu & Gregory E. Kersten. INR10/12, Full text (pdf, 550 kb)
  • Design of Software Agent-Populated Electronic Negotiation System and Evaluation of Human – to - Agent Negotiations. Rustam Vahidov & Gregory E. Kersten. INR09/12, Full text (pdf, 329 kb)
  • Markets of Logistics Services: The Role of Actors' Behavior to Enhance Performance. Nicola Bellantuno, Gregory E. Kersten & Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo. INR08/12, Full text (pdf, 452 kb)
  • Knowledge-based E-procurement Systems to Negotiate Logistics Services. Nicola Bellantuno, Donatella Ettore, Gregory E. Kersten & Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo. INR07/12, Full text (pdf, 571 kb)
  • Knowledge-based Coordination and Support for Software Agents in Supply Chains. Gregory E. Kersten, Rustam Vahidov & Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo. INR06/12, Full text (pdf, 1,075 kb)
  • Evaluation of Human–to–Agent Negotiations via an E-negotiation System. Rustam Vahidov & Gregory Kersten. INR05/12, Full text (pdf, 546 kb)
  • Concession Patterns in Multi-issue Negotiations and Reverse Auctions. Gregory E. Kersten, Dmitry Gimon & Rustam Vahidov. INR04/12, Full text (pdf, 1,014 kb)
  • Concessions in Multi-attribute Reverse Auctions and Multi-bilateral Negotiations. Jamshid Etezadi, Dmitry Gimon, Gregory E. Kersten, & Pierpaulo Pontrandolfo. INR03/12, Full text (pdf, 310 kb)
  • Systems for Logistics Services e-Procurement: Design and Performance. Nicola Bellantuono, Gregory E. Kersten, & Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo. INR02/12, Full text (pdf, 791 kb)
  • There is more to Negotiation than Reaching an Agreement: Substantive, Relational, and other Objectives of the Negotiators. ShiKui Wu, Gregory E. Kersten & Anne Beaudry. INR01/12, Full text (pdf, 542 kb)

2011 : 3 Papers

  • An Experiment in Human-to-Software Agent Negotiations. Rustam Vahidov, Gregory Kersten & Raafat Saade. INR03/11, Full text (pdf, 396 kb)
  • Negotiation and Auction Mechanisms in E-procurement: Systems and Experiments. Gregory Kersten, Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo, Rustam Vahidov and Dmitry Gimon. INR02/11, Full text (pdf, 1,140 kb)
  • A Multiattribute Auction Procedure and Its Implementation. Gregory E. Kersten, Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo & Shikui Wu. INR01/11, Full text (pdf, 1,218 kb)

2010 : 8 Papers

  • A Procedure for Multiattribute Reverse Auctions with two Strategic Parameters. Gregory E. Kersten, Tomasz Szapiro & Shikui Wu. INR08/10, Full text (pdf, 396 kb)
  • Auctions and Negotiations in Transportation Service Procurement. Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo, Shikui Wu, Rossella Moramarco & Gregory Kersten. INR07/10, Full text (pdf, 199 kb)
  • Collaborative and Competitive E-negotiations: An Analysis of Communication Modes on Concessions. Eva Chen. INR06/10, Full text (pdf, 530 kb)
  • Collaborators and Competitors Negotiating in Profit and Costs Frames. Eva Chen & Gregory Kersten. INR05/10, Full text (pdf, 526 kb)
  • The Effect of User Perceptions of System Features on ENS Assessment. ShiKui Wu & Rustam Vahidov. INR04/10, Full text (pdf, 448 kb)
  • Negotiation Profiles and Concession Patterns. Gregory E. Kersten & ShiKui Wu. INR03/10, Full text (pdf, 667 kb)
  • Why Do Students Negotiate? The Impact of Objectives on Behavior, Process and Outcomes. Gregory E. Kersten, Shikui Wu & Tomasz Wachowicz. INR02/10, Full text (pdf, 533 kb)
  • Negotiators’ Strategies and Their Concessions. Tomasz Wachowicz & Shikui Wu. INR01/10, Full text (pdf, 445 kb)

2009 : 5 Papers

  • Electronic Negotiations Foundations, Systems, and Processes. Gregory Kersten and Hsiangchu Lai. INR05/09, Full text (pdf, 1,409 kb)
  • A Study on Preference Impartation and Decision Support in E-negotiation. Gregory E. Kersten, Eva Chen, Jesus Rios & Stefan Strecker. INR04/09, Full text (pdf, 282 kb)
  • Satisfaction of E-Negotiation System Users. ShiKui Wu, Gregory Kersten and Bo Yu. INR03/09, Full text (pdf, 166 kb)
  • E-market Framework: The Assessment and Comparison of Auction, Negotiation and Decision Support. Eva Chen, Gregory Kersten, Dirk Neumann and Rustam Vahidov. INR02/09, Full text (pdf, 579 kb)
  • Examination of E-market Participants’ Satisfaction. ShiKui Wu and Bo Yu. INR01/09, Full text (pdf, 418 kb)

2008 : 9 Papers

  • A Framework for Distributed Situated Decision Support. Huabing Hu & Rustam Vahidov. INR09/08, Full text (pdf, 485 kb)
  • Decision Station for Service Level Agreement Negotiations in Computing Grids. Tobias Heitfeld, Dirk Neumann & Rustam Vahidov. INR08/08, Full text (pdf, 613 kb)
  • Situated Decision Support for Managing Service Level Agreement Negotiations. Rustam Vahidov. INR07/08, Full text (pdf, 623 kb)
  • Applying Representational Framework for Design Researcher's IS Artifact: the Case of Electronic Negotiation Systems. Rustam Vahidov & Gregory Kersten. INR06/08, Full text (pdf, 144 kb)
  • Predicting Opponent’s Moves in Electronic Negotiations Using Neural Networks. Réal Carbonneau, Gregory E. Kersten & Rustam Vahidov. INR05/08, Full text (pdf, 289 kb)
  • Architect's Decision Station. Emilia Conte, Gregory E. Kersten & Rustam Vahidov. INR04/08, Full text (pdf, 403 kb)
  • To Discount or Not to Discount: An Assessment of Perceptions, Beliefs, and Intentions to Use Electronic Auctions with Discounts. Eva Chen & Ilka Weber. INR03/08, Full text (pdf, 565 kb)
  • A Structuration View of E-negotiation System Use. SkiKui Wu & Gregory E. Kersten. INR02/08, Full text (pdf, 348 kb)
  • Exchange Mechanisms in Logistics Services Markets. Nicola Bellantuono, Gregory E. Kersten, and Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo. INR01/08, Full text (pdf, 162 kb)

2007 : 7 Papers

  • The Role of Emotion and Language in Dyadic E-negotiations. Mike Hine, Steven A. Murphy, Michael Weber and Gregory Kersten. INR07/07, Full text (pdf, 275 kb)
  • Negotiation Concordance and its Modeling With SEM. Réal Carbonneau, Jamshid Etezadi-Amoli and Gregory E. Kersten. INR06/07, Full text (pdf, 255 kb)
  • Negotiation, Auctions, and Market Engineering. Henner Gimpel, Nicholas R. Jennings, Gregory E. Kersten . INR05/07, Full text (pdf, 1,144 kb)
  • Towards Decision Support for Participatory Democracy. David Rios Insua, Gregory E. Kersten, and Jesus Rios. INR04/07, Full text (pdf, 259 kb)
  • Shaman: Software and Human Agents in Multiattribute Auctions and Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten, Ryszard Kowalczyk, Hsiangchu Lai, Dirk Neumann, and Mohan Baruwal Chhetri. INR03/07, Full text (pdf, 859 kb)
  • Experimental Assessment of Agent-supported Electronic Negotiations. Rustam Vahidov, Eva Chen, Gregory Kersten and Zhen Feng. INR02/07, Full text (pdf, 273 kb)
  • On Comparison of Mechanisms of Economic and Social Exchanges: The Times Model. Gregory E. Kersten, Eva Chen, Dirk Neumann, Rustam Vahidov and Christof Weinhardt INR01/07, Full text (pdf, 466 kb)

2006 : 13 Papers

  • Negotiation Support and E-negotiation Systems. Gregory E. Kersten and Hsiangchu Lai. INR13/06, Full text (pdf, 731 kb)
  • Predicting Opponent’s Moves in Electronic Negotiations Using Neural Networks. Réal Carbonneau, Gregory E. Kersten and Rusatm Vahidov. INR12/06, Full text (pdf, 353 kb)
  • Negotiation Concordance and its Modeling with SEM. Réal Carbonneau, Jamshid Etezadi-Amoli and Gregory E. Kersten. INR11/06, Full text (pdf, 143 kb)
  • Learning Preferences in Electronic Negotiations. Rudolf Vetschera. INR10/06, Full text (pdf, 215 kb)
  • INSS - A New Approach in Designing Web-Based Negotiation Support Systems. Shikui Wu, Gregory E. Kersten and Morad Benyoucef, INR09/06, Full text (pdf, 378 kb)
  • Towards a Behavioural Agent-based Assistant for E-negotiations. Simone A. Ludwig, Gregory E. Kersten and Hianhua Huang, INR08/06, Full text (pdf, 178 kb)
  • A Model-Driven Approach for the Rapid Development of E-Negotiation Systems. Morad  Benyoucef and Stefanie Rinderle, INR07/06, Full text (pdf, 203 kb)
  • Developing Context-Independent E-Negotiation Systems Using Software Protocol and Model-View-Controller Design Pattern. Jin Baek Kim, Gregory Kersten, Stefan Strecker and Ka Pong Law, INR06/06, Full text (pdf, 1,394 kb)
  • Effectiveness of Negotiators' Approaches in E-negotiations. Renata A. Zaremba and Gregory E. Kersten, INR05/06,
  • On E-democracy: Model and Case of Participatory Public Decision Making. Jin Baek Kim, INR04/06, Full text (pdf, 325 kb)
  • Measuring ENS Success: User Satisfaction, Technology Acceptance and Strategic Analysis. Eva Chen and Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/06, Full text (pdf, 193 kb)
  • User Assessment of E-negotiation Support Systems: A Confirmatory Study. Jamshid Etezadi, Gregory E. Kersten, Eva Chen and Rudolf Vetschera. INR02/06, Full text (pdf, 406 kb)
  • Treatment of Measurement Error in Assessing Parameters of Multi-attribute Utility Functions. Jamshid Etezadi, Tak Mak and Gregory E. Kersten. INR01/06, INR01/06, Full text (pdf, 211 kb)

2005 : 5 Papers

  • Understanding Behavior and Perception of Negotiators from Their Strategies. Hsiangchu Lai, Her-Sen Doong, Chi-Chung Kao and Gregory E. Kersten, INR05/05, Full text (pdf, 92 kb)
  • An Inspire ENS Graph is Worth 334 Words, on Average. Michael Weber, Gregory E. Kersten and Mike J. Hine, INR04/05, Full text (pdf, 201 kb)
  • Electronic Negotiation Systems: The Invite Prototype. Stefan Strecker, Gregory E. Kersten, Jin Baek Kim and Ka Pong Law. INR03/05, Full text (pdf, 399 kb)
  • Component-based Software Protocol Approach. Jin Baek Kim, Gregory E. Kersten, Stefan Strecker and Ka Pong Law. INR02/05, Full text (pdf, 484 kb)
  • Satisfiability and Completeness of Protocols for Electronic Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten and Hsiangchu Lai. INR01/05, Full text (pdf, 158 kb)

2004 : 10 Papers

  • Agent-supported Negotiations in the E-marketplace. Eva Chen, Gregory E. Kersten and Rustam Vahidov. INR10/04, Full text (pdf, 473 kb)
  • Preference Structures and Behavioral Consistency in Negotiations. Rudolf Vetschera. INR09/04, Full text (pdf, 474 kb)
  • E-negotiation Systems: Interaction of People and Technologies to Resolve Conflicts. Gregory E. Kersten. INR08/04, Full text (pdf, 1,088 kb)
  • Using Domain-Specific Knowledge to Classify E-negotiations. Mohak Shah, Marina Sokolova and Stan Szpakowicz. INR07/04, Full text (pdf, 135 kb)
  • Protocols for Electronic Negotiation Systems: Theoretical Foundations and Design Issues. Gregory E. Kersten, Stefan Strecker and Ka Pong Law. INR06/04, Full text (pdf, 215 kb)
  • Language Patterns in Text Messages of Electronic Negotiations: A Preliminary Study. Marina Sokolova, Stan Szpakowicz and Vivi Nastase. INR05/04, Full text (pdf, 322 kb)
  • A Software Platform for Multiprotocol E-Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten, Ka Pong Law and Stefan Strecker. INR04/04, Full text (pdf, 231 kb)
  • Estimating Negotiators Performance without Preference Information. Rudolf Vetschera. INR03/04, Full text (pdf, 955 kb)
  • A Business Model for e-Negotiation in Electronic Commerce. Yufei Yuan and Ofir Turel. INR02/04, Full text (pdf, 262 kb)
  • Automatically Building a Lexicon from Raw Noisy Data in a Closed Domain. Marina Sokolova, Stan Szpakowicz and Vivi Nastase. INR01/04, Full text (pdf, 85 kb)

2003 : 9 Papers

  • National Cultural Differences in the Use and Perception of Internet-based NSS: Does High or Low Context Matter? Sabine Köszegi, Rudolf Vetschera and Gregory E. Kersten. INR09/03, Full text (pdf, 154 kb)
  • An E-marketplace for Agent-supported Commerce Negotiations. Eva Chen, Gregory E. Kersten and Rustam Vahidov. INR08/03, Full text (pdf, 442 kb)
  • E-negotiations: Towards Engineering of Technology-based Social Processes. Gregory E. Kersten. INR07/03, Full text (pdf, 134 kb)
  • A Framework for Situated Decision Support Systems. Rustam Vahidov and Gregory E. Kersten. INR06/03, Full text (pdf, 88 kb)
  • E-Democracy and Participatory Decision Processes: Lessons from E-Negotiation Experiments. Gregory E. Kersten. INR05/03, Full text (pdf, 659 kb)
  • User Assessment of Internet-Based Negotiation Support Systems: An Exploratory Study. Rudolf Vetschera, Gregory E. Kersten and Sabine Köszegi. INR04/03, Full text (pdf, 1,084 kb)
  • On-line/Off-line: Joint Negotiation Teaching in Montreal and Vienna. Sabine Köszegi and Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/03, Full text (pdf, 285 kb)
  • The Science and Engineering of E-negotiation: An Introduction. Gregory E. Kersten. INR02/03, Full text (pdf, 339 kb)
  • Developing Analytic, Cognitive and Linguistic Skills with an Electronic Negotiation System. Margaret J. Kersten, Marlene Haley and Gregory E. Kersten. INR01/03, Full text (pdf, 806 kb)

2002 : 7 Papers

  • Towards a Structured Design of Electronic Negotiations. Martin Bichler, Gregory E. Kersten and Stefan Strecker. INR07/02, Full text (pdf, 211 kb)
  • Decision Station: Situating Decision Support Systems. Rustam Vahidov and Gregory E. Kersten. INR06/02, Full text (pdf, 393 kb)
  • The Science and Engineering of E-negotiation: Review of the Emerging Field. Gregory E. Kersten. INR05/02, Full text (pdf, 511 kb)
  • Information Technologies for Environmental Decision-Making in Networked Societies. Gregory E. Kersten and Grazia Concilio. INR04/02, Full text (pdf, 1,210 kb)
  • Do E-Business Systems Have Culture and Should They Have One? Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/02, Full text (pdf, 763 kb)
  • Aspire: An Integrated Negotiation Support System and Software Agents for E-Business Negotiation. Gregory E. Kersten and Gordon Lo. INR02/02, Full text (pdf, 247 kb)
  • The Effects of Culture in Anonymous Negotiations: Experiment in Four Countries. Gregory E. Kersten, Sabine Köszegi, Rudolf Vetschera. INR01/02, Full text (pdf, 247 kb)

2001 : 6 Papers

  • Cultural Influences on the Use and Perception of Internet-based NSS. An Exploratory Analysis. Sabine Köszegi, Rudolf Vetschera and Gregory E. Kersten. INR06/01, Full text (pdf, 319 kb)
  • Negotiation Support Systems and Software Agents in E-business Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten and Gordon Lo. INR05/01, Full text (pdf, 232 kb)
  • Mining Inspire Data for the Determinants of Successful Internet Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten and Grant Zhang. INR04/01, Full text (pdf, 95 kb)
  • Embedding Culture in E-Business Systems. Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/01, Full text (pdf, 327 kb)
  • Exploratory Analysis of Success Determinants of Web-based Negotiation Support Systems. Rudolf Vetschera, Gregory E. Kersten and Sabine Köszegi, INR02/01, Full text (pdf, 92 kb)
  • Software and Culture: Beyond the Internationalization of the Interface. Gregory E. Kersten, Mik A. Kersten and Wojciech M. Rakowski. INR01/01, Full text (pdf, 70 kb)

2000 : 2 Papers

  • Modeling Distributive and Integrative Negotiations. Review and Revised Characterization. Gregory E. Kersten. INR02/00, Full text (pdf, 511 kb)
  • The Effects of Culture in Anonymous Negotiations. A Four Countries Experiment. Gregory E. Kersten, Sabine Köszegi and Rudolf Vetschera. INR01/00, Full text (pdf, 247 kb)

1999 : 12 Papers

  • Developing Communication Skills Using INSPIRE Negotiations. Margaret J. Kersten and Gregory E. Kersten. INR12/99, Full text (pdf, 65 kb)
  • A Few Suggestions for the Canadian Agenda on E-Commerce. Gregory E. Kersten. INR11/99, Full text (pdf, 19 kb)
  • The Software for Cultures and the Cultures in Software. G. E. Kersten, S. Matwin, S.J. Noronha and M.A. Kersten, INR10/99, Full text (pdf, 206 kb)
  • Learning Organizations in the 5th Long Wave: Management, Innovation, Knowledge, and IT. Gregory E. Kersten, INR09/99, Full text (pdf, 36 kb)
  • Are All E-Commerce Negotiations Auctions? G.E. Kersten, S.J. Noronha and J. Teich. INR08/99, Full text (pdf, 63 kb)
  • Cultural Influences in Anonymous Business Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten, Sabine Kölszegi and Rudolf Vetschera. INR07/99, Full text (pdf, 188 kb)
  • Learning Negotiations with Web-based Systems. T.R. Madanmohan, Gregory E. Kersten, Sunil J. Noronha, Margaret J. Kersten and David Cray. INR06/99, Full text (pdf, 1,017 kb)
  • Decision Making and Decision Support. Gregory E. Kersten. INR05/99, Full text (pdf, 125 kb)
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Decision Support. Anantha Mahadevan, Kummudini Ponnudurai, Gregory E. Kersten and Roland Thomas. INR04/99, Full text (pdf, 163 kb)
  • Negotiation in Electronic Commerce: Integrating Negotiation Support and Software Agent Technologies. Gordon Lo and Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/99, Full text (pdf, 52 kb)
  • Negotiations in Electronic Commerce: Methodological Misconceptions and a Resolution. Gregory E. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR02/99, Full text (pdf, 115 kb)
  • The Effects of Culture in Anonymous Negotiations: A Four Countries Experiment. Gregory E. Kersten, Sabine Köszegi and Rudolf Vetschera. INR01/99, Full text (pdf, 365 kb)

1998 : 6 Papers

  • Komputerowe Wspomaganie i Badanie Procesów Negocjacyjnych. Gregory E. Kersten, Margaret J. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR06/98, Full text (pdf, 1,370 kb)
  • Modeling Business Negotiations for Electronic Commerce. Gregory E. Kersten and Stan Szpakowicz, INR05/98, Full text (pdf, 64 kb)
  • Rational Inefficient Compromises in Negotiation. Gregory E. Kersten and Geoff R. Mallory. INR04/98, Full text (pdf, 33 kb)
  • Negotiating Inefficient Compromises: Is Less Better than More? David Cray and Gregory E. Kersten. INR03/98, Full text (pdf, 34 kb)
  • Negotiation Support Systems and Negotiating Agents. Gregory E. Kersten. INR02/98, Full text (pdf, 59 kb)
  • Negotiation and the Internet: Users?Expectations and Acceptance. Gregory E. Kersten and S.J. Noronha. INR01/98, Full text (pdf, 99 kb)

1997 : 6 Papers

  • Negotiation Via the World Wide Web: A Cross-Cultural Study of Decision Making. Gregory E. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR06/97, Full text (pdf, 524 kb)
  • WWW-based Negotiation Support: Design, Implementation, and Use. Gregory E. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR05/97, Full text (pdf, 361 kb)
  • Support for Group Decisions and Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten. INR04/97, Full text (pdf, 89 kb)
  • The Goodness of Decision Making: In Search of the Universal Measure. Gregory E. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR03/97, Full text (pdf, 23 kb)
  • Rational Agents, Contract Curves and Inefficient Compromises. Gregory E. Kersten and Sunil J. Noronha. INR02/97, Full text (pdf, 211 kb)
  • Perspectives on Representation and Analysis of Negotiation: Towards Cognitive Support Systems. Gregory E. Kersten and David Cray. INR01/97, Full text (pdf, 138 kb)
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