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 InterNeg Research Centre
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 1450 Guy Street
 Montreal, Quebec H3H 0A1
 Tel: (514) 848-2424-2799

Research projects

Current projects

InterNeg virtual interactive toolset and environment

InterNeg support program for intercultural research
The first system designed to conduct negotiations on the Web. Everybody can use this system to study and teach bilateral negotiations.

E-negotiation system powered by Invite© for teaching and research purposes,
Everybody can enjoy discussions on the Web with unknown opponents using different strategies and work on their communication and negotiation skills.

Software and human agents in multiattribute auctions and negotiations
Experiments with software agents to automate and aid people in multi-bilateral negotiations and auctions.

Negotiations or auctions
Experimental studies of multi-bilateral negotiation and English auction with imposed preferences on the participants.

  Invite Experiments:
Field experiment with the Invite negotiation system.

Internet multi attribute decision expert
Development of a decision support system for analysis of multi-attribute decision problems.

Global research on Inspire negotiations
Qualitative studies on participants' beliefs, attitudes and emotions in the Inspire negotiations.

Past projects

Electronic negotiations, media and transaction for socio-economic interactions
Research on the humanistic, social and technical aspects of negotiations of people, people-software and software systems.
Project's web site:

An experiment to examine negotiator’s bargaining styles and their impacts on the negotiation process and outcomes.

  May 24, 2019
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