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We would like to inform our friends and collegaues about our mutual activities and successes. For this reason, we have now set up the informal Activity Update page. Click on any link below to review activities, updates, visitors and all sorts of things.

Let us know about you and your activities because we would be delighted to include you in our upcoming issues.

June 2011

Note from the Editor:

Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of InterNeg Updates. Gregory usually writes a paragraph here but he is in Europe for the month. First a trip to Italy to collaborate with PierPaulo, then off to Finland for the MCDMC conference, then to Poland…..and back to Italy for seminars. What a month!!

The year was a good one again, graduating students, awards, new hires and 2 brand new systems for Invite. Please enjoy reading about us and don’t forget that if you have anything you would like to share, we would be happy to include it.

Happy Summer


Student Update:

Eva Chen

We are all so very pleased and relieved that Eva Chen, long time member of the Centre successfully defended her PhD in December. Eva now lives with her husband, Jesus Rios (former Post doc of the Centre and long-time friend) in upper New York State. We wish her all the best for the future.

Ahmad Moazin

Ahmad Moazin successfully completed his Master Thesis last spring and is now a Ph.D. student at the Centre. He continues to be a great help in all areas and is now known for his very competitive negotiations!!!!

Jean Pierre Carre de la Torre

We are very happy for Jean Pierre Carre de la Torre (JP) who after having completed his Master Degree, obtained employment with iCongo . We will be using his his professional services in the future. Congrats JP! Luckily, he works close by and comes for lunch every now and then.

New Post-doctoral fellow: Dmitry Guimon

Dmitry Guimon

Everyone at the Centre was pleased to welcome Dmitry for a visit in February this year. As a result, we offered him the position of post-doctoral fellow, to begin in July. Dmitry obtained his PhD in computer science specializing in decision-making support systems from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2007 and is highly interested in this position because of the Centre’s research area in group decision-making, electronic negotiations and multi-agent systems. He has extensive programming abilities and has more than 10 years of experience in distributed software development and databases. We look very much forward to Dmitry’s arrival and to working with him.

More Baby News:

We were all thrilled when our good friend and colleague Ka Pong (CIT) announced that he and his wife Daisy are expecting a baby in July. We are all looking forward to meeting the newest InterNeg Baby!!! Congratulations Daisy and Ka Pong, sleep while you can…


  • Rustam Vahidov for the Mid Scholar Award

Negotiation Simulations

As usual, the Centre administered Fall and Spring Intercultural Negotiation exercises. The Fall exercise involved 322 students from Canada, U.S.A., Poland, Vienna, Austria and France who participated in a 3 week Inspire exercise and a 3 day SimpleNS exercise. In the Spring of 2011, another round of Inspire and SimpleNS involved 216 from various countries around the world. It was also during this period, the Spring of 2010 up to the spring of 2011, that grad students and developers were busy with all the phases of development from the concept to the actual implementation and testing of the new systems, Imbins and Imaris. As part of a PhD thesis project, 461 students from Concordia participated in lab experiments using the new software and over 120 participated online.

The Centre was also pleased to help a Master student from Poland who wanted to use Inspire for 2 groups of students from Poland and Arabia, this took place in May, 2011. Also, in May, a group from Taiwan and a group from Poland were the first international users for Imbins.

Software Development

One of the major achievements of the Centre during the past year has been the development of two new negotiation systems, Imbins and Imaris, both built on the existing Invite platform. These systems were designed and built to facilitate the Maran project, headed ShiKui, under the direction of Gregory. Work has also been done and a new version of Inspire is almost completed.

Imbins 1.0

Imbins (InterNeg multi-bilateral integrative negotiation system) is a multi-bilateral (i.e. one vs. many). It has extended analytical and visual support capabilities. This system is, interface-wise, similar to Imbins so that it can be used to compare auctions with negotiations. While such comparisons were made in the past, they were concerned solely with a single issue (i.e., price). Imbins will be used for the comparison of multiattribute auctions and multi-issue negotiation systems.


Imaras (InterNeg multi-attribute reverse auction system) is an online auction system based on our unique algorithm which in which preference information of the bid-taker is transformed into information on reservation levels. The reservation level information is perturbed so that the bidders cannot compute the bid-taker’s preferences. The perturbation is controlled by parameters which have strategic character for the auction mechanism and jointly represent the bid-taker’s tradeoff between maintaining the preference secrecy and achieving an efficient winning bid. In late 2010 the system underwent its final testing and in February 2011, it was used for educational purposes. Arguably, it is the first system of its kind and we expect that, after revisions, it will be used in e-marketplaces.

Inspire 3.0

Inspire has been used since 1995 for research and training and it has been adapted by several software vendors in their supply chain management systems. Over the past few months, we have been working at the Centre on enhancing the system. Version 3.0 will have dynamic graphs, an improved user interface and other decision and negotiation support functionalities. The system undergoes final testing. It will be deployed for experimental and training purposes in Summer 2011.

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