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Our External Links Section lists external sites that contain resources related to negotiation. This includes sites dealing with past and ongoing negotiations, available negotiation support software, projects dealing with negotiations, organizations, papers, documents, theses, etc.

Journals and bulletins, bibliographies, catalogs, newsletters, dictionaries, etc.

Papers and project descriptions.

Learning and training
Teaching guides, training programs and seminars.

Systems and tools
Negotiation support systems, negotiation software agents; both Web-based and traditional.

The community
Information about people and institutions involved in negotiations.

Related disciplines
Negotiation related disciplines such as Electronic Commerce, GDSS, Game Theory, Mediation, CSCW and Distributed AI.

Negotiation related quotes, humor and witticisms.

If you know of any resource that should be mentioned in these pages, please tell us about it. This site needs your help!

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