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Welcome! You are invited to join our team and participate in our projects, suggest your own project or add your results to our site. We are building an organization which promotes sound methods and techniques, provides interesting and relevant materials, and fosters cooperation with practitioners, researchers, teachers and students. We want to be the best and most comprehensive site for and about negotiation.

The InterNeg© Group is a team of researchers from around the World who are interested in studying negotiations and training future negotiators, and in developsing materials and systems for decision making and negotiations. Our negotiation support systems are used in teaching and training around the World. We also develop systems and agents to support and conduct e-negotiations and negotiations in e-business.

The InterNeg site© has six main sections: About InterNeg, Learning & Training, Research, Systems & Tools, External Links, and Reference Desk. In addition, we provide information about projects, journals and other resources.

Research centre

InterNeg Research Centre was established at Concordia University in May 2005; after 11 years in the cyberspace we now also have our own physical space (contact).

Current research

E-negotiations: Electronic negotiations, media, and transactions in socioeconomic interactions, a collaborative research initiative supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada, the Science and Engineering Research Canada, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany.

InterNeg negotiation experiment: As the part of the E-negotiation research program we will conduct several laboratory experiments in November 2005. Sign up for experiment (Montreal students only).

Negotiation course

Negotiations and e-negotiations management and support: Course materials, readings, cases, and activities for online and in-class delivery of courses, seminars and workshops.

E-negotiation platform

Invite© is a software platform onto which various e-negotiation protocols can be implemented. Soon it will became our primary software to conduct experiments and provide novel and interesting training facilities.

On-line negotiation systems

Inspire© is a negotiation support system that everybody can use to study and teach bilateral negotiations. The Inspire system can be used by everybody interested in learning more about using support system for decision making and negotiation. Join the growing community of Inspire users and read what they say about Inspire!

INSS is a negotiation support system that can be used to simulate and support real-life negotiations. Contact us if you are looking for any particular facility from this system.

Aspire is a negotiation support system integrated with a software agent which provide advice and help. Contact us if you are looking for any particular facility from this system.


International Negotiation Journal: Up-to date content and abstracts.

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