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Mission & Objectives

The InterNeg site is a virtual organization bringing together people, studies, services, systems and information concerned with decision making and negotiations. It is also a source of, and repository for, negotiation-related resources comprehensively covering topics in negotiation and negotiation support in the international arena.


To develop the best and most comprehensive Web site for and about negotiation, by:

  • Developing and providing negotiation tools and aids, course materials, knowledge and expertise;
  • Promoting sound methods and techniques for conducting and studying negotiations;
  • Facilitating negotiations around the world; and
  • Fostering cooperation between practitioners, researchers, teachers and students.


To fulfill our mission we must accomplish the following objectives:

  • Design and implement negotiation support system systems which integrate support aids with easy and rapid communication facilities. One such system is INSPIRE - the InterNeg Support Program for Intercultural Research Experiments. Another is INSS - the InterNeg Support System;
  • Establish an international network of collaborators to help develop, test and deploy negotiation support systems. This objective includes joint research and training, development of teaching materials and sharing information resources;
  • Research intercultural and intracultural negotiations and the effects of culture on the negotiation support. Provide access to literature and bibliographies on negotiations, cross-cultural studies and related topics;
  • Provide teaching and training tools and materials on all levels of expertise and increase users' effectiveness in negotiations around the world;
  • Design software systems for human and machine negotiation, including negotiating software agents, agents for preference elicitation and formulation, process assessment and opponent evaluation; and
  • Design software for development of courseware on the Web.

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