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InterNeg People

InterNeg is the result of the talents of many hard-working staff and volunteers, including professors and graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines, and international collaborators from across the world. We thank all our past contributors for their efforts and for their dedication to InterNeg! Join us to congratulate our students who are the team members as they define the fame of InterNeg.

Gregory (Grzegorz) E. Kersten is the Group Leader and the Project Director. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, then moved to Belgium and finally settled in Canada, first at Carleton University in Ottawa, then at Concordia University in Montreal. Since 2002 he is the Paul Desmarais Professor at the University of Ottawa. In 1980, he developed Nego, perhaps the first negotiation support system used in management and executive courses, then has been working on Negoplan and now it is the InterNeg (email).

Sabine Köszegi received her PhD from the University of Vienna. She developed a "trust questionnaire". She is involved with the design of user-oriented questionnaires in the scientific evaluation of Inspire from a user-related perspective. (email)

Gordon Lo received his MBA from Carleton University. He specializes in Information Systems. His areas of interest include e-commerce and software agent technologies. He works on the front-end design and negotiation management. He is currently involved in the development of the Agent for the Inspire Negotiations (Atin), the Aspire system, and the negotiation management. (email).

Sunil Noronha came from sunny southern India to cold Canada in search of cultural diversity but found he couldn't tell the culture for the bacteria. He then moved to U.S. and is working at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights. As the computer scientist in the group, he's behind the design and implementation of the InterNeg site and the Inspire system.

Greg Schmidt has been teaching IS courses at Carleton University and is the Manager of Computing at the School of Business. He is responsible for all the computers at the School and also for Miko, the InterNeg server. (email).

Kumudini Ponnudurai graduated from the Commerce Program at Carleton University in 1998. She is responsible for the External Links Section and the system's maintenance. (email).

Angel Tse received her MMS (Masters of Management Studies) student at Carleton University, specializing in Information Systems. She is programming with C++, Java, and Javascript. (email).

Rudolf Vetschera is a professor of organization and planning at the Management Center of the University of Vienna, Austria. His research interests are in the fields of decision theory, decision support systems, and networked organizations. (email)


Ka Pong Law is a master student of the Department of Computer Science at Concordia University. He is developing a new version of the Inspire engine. (email) (2002-.


Concordia University (Montreal), the University of Ottawa and Carleton University (Ottawa)
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