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The InterNeg site is organized into six sections with additional information about the site and its authors. Each section has a specific focus as follows:

  • About InterNeg
    Information about the InterNeg Group and its members and collaborators, the project, its mission and history. Recent changes on the InterNeg site. Here you will also find acknovledgements to the organizations that provide much appreciated support.

  • Research
    All research output from the InterNeg Group and their associates. Anyone is welcome to describe their work here as long as they provide a writeup and take the responsibility for maintaining any links in their writeup.

  • Learning and Training
    Negotiation learning and teaching resources, e.g., tutorials, essays on and guidelines for negotiation strategies, course information, university programs, training seminars and other training aids. This section is intended mainly for scholars and instructors, but students, especially higher level students, may find it useful.

  • Systems and Tools
    Software that is usable on the Web. This includes software produced as part of the InterNeg project, e.g., Inspire, Aspire and INSS), and handouts, materials, and examples.

  • Reference Desk
    An archive of reference material on negotiation and negotiation support, including FAQs, journals and bulletins, bibliographies, software catalogues, glossaries and computing dictionaries. Announcements about upcoming events relevant to the negotiation community are also collected here.

  • External Links
    Links to negotiation-related sites. This section contains brief biographies and links to the home pages of negotiation people including researchers, practitioners and consultants, as well as information about organizations involved in negotiations. Includes links to resources in related disciplines such as GDSS and AI.

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