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International Negotiation
A Journal of Theory and Practice

Vol. 9, no. 1 2004

This issue

Guest editors

  Innovation in the Process of Negotiation   Jan M. Ulijn, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Gregory Kersten, Concordia University, Canada
Table of Contents    
  The Medium as Innovation in International Negotiation   Jan M. Ulijn and Gregory Kersten
  Group Decision Support Systems and Patterns of Interpersonal Communication to Improve Ethical Negotiation in Dyads   Anne-Françoise Rutkowski, Alea Fairchild and John B. Rijsman
  Business Negotiation Support: Theory and Practice   Aldo De Moor and Hans Weigand
  The Ecological Validity of Negotiation Support Systems: Communication and Information as Antecedents of Negotiation Support   Roderick Swaab, Tom Postmes and Peter Neijenss
  National Cultural Differences in the Use and Perception of Internet-Based NSS: Does High or Low Context Matter?   Sabine Koeszegi, Rudolf Vetschera and Gregory Kersten
  The Effect of CMC and FTF on Negotiation Outcomes between R&D and Manufacturing Partners in the Supply Chain: An Anglo/Nordic/Latin Comparison   Jan M. Ulijn and Andreas Lincke
  Innovation in Teaching Negotiation: Towards a Relevant Use of Multimedia Tools   Alain Pekar Lempereur
  Television Debates as a Form of Pre-negotiation in Protracted Conflicts: “Nightline” in South Africa (1985) and Israel (1988)   Johannes (Jannie) M. Botes


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