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In the Reference Desk we maintain reference materials on negotiation and negotiation support, including FAQs (frequently asked questions), bibliographies, software catalogues, glossaries, etc. Some introductory material can be found in the Learning and Training section.

News and announcements (currently no entries)
Important events related to negotiation, eg. seminars, conferences and meetings.

List of journals devoted to negotiation and group decision making. We also maintain the home page for these jpurnals.

List of journal articles and books that focus on negotiation methods, models, tools, support software, theories and management issues.

InterNeg negotiation glossary
Definitions of words and phrases, including jargon, frequently used in the negotiation literature. Some of these entries are further annotated with their specific usage in the context of our negotiation support tools (Inspire, Aspire and INSS).

Links to reference material not maintained by InterNeg and dditional reference material are available from the External Links section.

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