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The InterNeg Research and Development section contains research materials on negotiation, negotiation analysis and support and related areas. These materials have been contributed by the InterNeg people, our collaborators, associates, and other researchers.

Research projects
Executive summary and detailed information of the research projects, information about current and past research projects, plans, grant proposals.

InterNeg experiments
Experiments planned for 2005.

Articles and reports
Current and past discussion papers, research reports and research articles.

Students' papers and abstracts
Students' studies, presentations, reports and theses.

Research and development activities
Suggested student theses topics, individual and group research and development projects ranging from a few weeks to several years. (Unavailable)

InterNeg seminar series
Information about current and past seminars, abstracts and links to presentations' overheads.

In the Learning and Training section the presentations on the conduct of negotiation, negotiation modeling and analysis, negotiation support systems, and studies related to the InterNeg project are available.

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