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The Support and Tools section contains software that can be used on the Web or downloaded. This includes software developed as part of the InterNeg activities, e.g., Inspire, INSS and Aspire.

InterNeg Support Program for International Research Experiments: Inspire
Inspire is a Web-based negotiation support system. It contains a facility for specification and assessment of preferences, a messaging system, a scoring function to aid in the construction of offers, graphical displays of the negotiation progress, and a facility for computing nondominated compromises.

The Inspire system has been used in teaching and training at many universities throught the world. More informatiom about the use of the system in different courses is available in the Training section.

InterNeg Support System: INSS
INSS is a similar to the Inspire system but it has more flexible and more powerfull Web-based negotiation support system with more advanced facilities tailored to users' specific requirements.

Decision and negotiation support environment: Danse
Danse is our new development project; it integrates software agents and negotiation support system. Danse is an extension of the prototype system Aspire. The Aspire software agent, caled Atin, was developed by Gordon Lo as part of his master thesis requirement.


More information about our systems and tools, their architecture and implementation issues, results of their testing and experiments is available in the InterNeg reports, Research section.

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