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Projects for graduate students from J. Molson School of Business

The research programme “Electronic negotiations, media, and transaction for socio-economic interactions” has several themes covering research from behavioural, management, and information systems perspectives. We build systems to conduct e-negotiations, conduct experiments using these systems, and study quantitative and free-text data.

The formal basis of the project includes:

  1. methodology of decision making;
  2. negotiation analysis and modelling of negotiation processes,
  3. decision and negotiation support;
  4. representation of, and reasoning about knowledge of negotiations and negotiators;
  5. design and development of negotiation software agents, support tools and software platforms; and
  6. principles and guidelines for engineering of social processes.

The behavioural basis of the project includes:

  1. formulation of models and hypotheses regarding the negotiators, negotiation problems, the use, perception and adoption of e-negotiation systems, cooperation with software agents, negotiation and e-negotiation processes, and results;
  2. design and conduct of research instruments;
  3. design and conduct laboratory and on-line experiments;
  4. collection and analysis of data; and
  5. theory development.

An example of the relationship between the some of the aspects of the project is shown in the figure.

If you would like to participate in the project and work towards your degree, contact Dr. Gregory Kersten (gregory@jmsb.concordia.ca). Funding is available for qualified master and doctorate students.

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October 6, 2005