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Andrzej Prokopiuk
Faculty of Psychology
  Warsaw University
On January 27th 2004 Andrzej defended his M.Sc. thesis!
 "Factors influencing negotiators' satisfaction in Internet-based business negotiations. A study of international negotiation simulations with the Inspire system."

Teri A. Kirk
The Electronic Courthouse
Electronic Courthouse offers quick, cheaper service than traditional litigation. Globe and Mail, Dec. 18, 2003.
  Jurisdictions around the world are pressuring, and in some cases forcing, litigants to settle out of court using ADR services. Businesses themselves have long recognized that litigation is too expensive and time-consuming--and uncertain. Many build mandatory ADR into their business contracts. "We're finding we don't have to educate the market on the need for our service," [CEO Teri Kirk] says.

Stefan Strecker
J. Molson School of Business 
Concordia University
Preference revelation in multiattribute reverse English auctions: A laboratory study. International Conference on Information Systems, Seattle, Dec. 14-17, 2003.
  The runner-up award for best theme paper. Only three out of 96 papers were nominated for the best theme paper; the overall acceptance rate was 17%.

Gregory Kersten
School of Management
University of Ottawa and
J. Molson School of Business
Concordia University

Négocier: tout un art! PerspecTIves, Vol. 2, Edition 2004.
  Qu’est-ce qui distingue les bons négociateurs des mauvais? Entrevue exclusive avec Yahia Zoubir, de l’American Graduate School of International Management, et Gregory Kersten, de l’Université Concordia.

Eva Chen
J. Molson School of Business
Concordia University

On November 4th 2003 Eva defended her M.Sc. thesis!
  "An Electronic Market for Agent-Supported Business Negotiations."



February 3, 2004