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Electronic negotiation research


  • Research on the humanistic, social and technical aspects of negotiations of people, people-software and software systems.
  • Design and implementation of resources (learning objects) for negotiation teaching, training and self-learning.
  • Development and testing of systems capable of negotiation support, interpretation of interactions, and participation.


  • Create an international network of researchers and practitioners who jointly work on the theoretical and practical aspects of e-negotiation in business organizations, governments of all levels, and educational institutions.
  • Integrate negotiation research in behavioural, economic, decision, computer and management sciences to provide methodological foundations and specific solutions for the engineering of e-negotiation processes and systems.
  • Study negotiators’ behaviour, their communication and interactions, and their use of knowledge and information in e-negotiations.
  • Understand the interactions between people and technology that transform our society, and the impact of technologies on social and economic processes.


  • Designers and adopters of software for e-negotiations and e-markets.
  • Users and designers of on-line negotiation and alternative dispute resolution systems.
  • University students taking on-line/in-class courses in international and cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Graduate students and researchers.
  • Business, e-business, government and not-for profit organizations.
  • Participants in decision making involving social, economic and environmental issues who require individual support and access to computational models of decision problems.

We invite people and organizations who are interested in:

  • Study of e-negotiations processes and people-machine systems;
  • Design, implementation, and use of ICT for negotiation facilitation, support and automation;
  • Studies of the use and roles of various e-negotiation systems in e-markets;
  • Development of on-line negotiation and e-negotiation materials for teaching and training;
  • Studies of psychological, social and cultural influences on the use of e-negotiation systems;
  • Impact of e-negotiations on the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making and conflict resolution;
  • Models and systems supporting people in collaboration and making joint decisions;
  • Engineering of e-negotiation systems and processes;
  • Development of case studies and implementation of e-negotiation systems for real-life conflict resolution;
  • ... and other activities that are related to negotiations and conflict resolution with the use of ICT.

If you are interested in the E-negotiation Program activities, would like to collaborate with us or wish to obtain additional information please contact:

Gregory Kersten, Program Director (gregory-AT-jmsb.concordia.ca) (replacing -AT- with @) or
Norma Paradis, Program Manager, Concordia University, Montreal.
    Tel: +1-514-848-2424 ext 2734; Fax: +1-514-848-2824;
    Email: nparadis-AT-jmsb.concordia.ca.

Funding and support

The e-negotiation research program has been funded with grants from: Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Ministère de l'Éducation, Quebec, Humbolt Foundation Germany, John Molson School of Business Concordia University, and the Faculty of Management University of Ottawa.

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October 3, 2006