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News Letter

Short description of the E-negotiation research program and its six projects.

Past, current and future activities undertaken by the team members such as conferences, workshops, and seminars are listed on the Announcements page. Reports and information on the SSHRC Project meetings are listed on the Resources page.

The following six projects are currently being worked on within the INE SSHRC E-negotiation research program.

1. Building business models for e-negotiation services

2. Assessment of e-negotiation users and processes with ENSs datasets

3. ENSs design for e-negotiation and dispute resolution experiments

4. Computer aided market engineering and design patterns library

5. Labour/Management e-negotiation simulation

6. Negotiation teaching and e-learning

Our answers to seven questions prepared for the SSHRC INE meeting, Ottawa, January 25-27, 2004.



January 25, 2005