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Project 6: Negotiation Teaching and E-Learning



G. Kersten, University of Ottawa; E. Thiessen, ICAN Systems Inc.

Key researchers:  

S. Koszegi, University of Vienna; H. Lai, National Sun Yat-sen University; A. Soberg, Trinity Western University; K. Laframboise, Concordia University


The key objective of this activity is to develop methodological foundations and technological infrastructure for teaching and learning of negotiation and e-negotiation. Today, many negotiations in the business context are already conducted web-based, remote and asynchronously. The application of new information and communication technology in negotiations offers opportunities to facilitate negotiation processes in order to reach efficient outcomes.

However, the virtual context poses also challenges to negotiators, which need to be taken into account in training concepts. First of all, trainees need to become familiar with the use of sophisticated support and communication tools. Secondly, negotiators need to acquire specific communication skills for the different setting of e-negotiations, i.e. the lack of face-to-face contact and asynchronous mode of communication. Hence, in addition to traditional negotiation and communication skills, negotiators need to develop social skills, which allow them to establish relationships, build trust, and handle conflicts in a virtual environment. This activity will allow collecting data about learning and conducting e-negotiations.

Key activities:

  1. Development of teaching and training concepts for e-business, management and negotiations courses.
  2. Develop questionnaire to collect data from selected e-negotiation services.
  3. Data collection (questionnaire and side visits); survey via a web-based questionnaire.
  4. Structural factors for successful deployment of e-negotiation initiatives.
  5. Business models for e-negotiation services for travel industry.
  6. Data analysis and models’ verification.


January 13, 2004