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E-Negotiation SSHRC Project Meeting 2
Friday, September 5, 2003; during DEXA 03 Conference, Prague (CZ)

The purpose of this meeting is to present and discuss on-going work and future activities related to e-negotiations. Researchers and students who are interested in our project and who would like to present their own work are invited.
For more information please contact Martn Bichler, Gregory Kersten or Yufei Yan during the DEXA Conference.


  9:15 10:00  Introduction, project overview and progress report Gregory Kersten

10:00 10:45 User acceptance of e-negotiation methods and e-negotiation services Yufei Yuan

16:00: 16:45 Collective bargaining models Hsiangchu Lai

10:45 11:30 Measuring efficiency of negotiation outcomes when we do not know preferences
Rudolf Vetschera

11:30 13:30

13:30 14:15 Negoisst: A negotiation support System for B2B e-negotiations
Mareike Schoop

14:15 15:00 Exploring the culture-technology links
Sabine Koeszegi

15:00 15:45 Design patterns for coordination
Christine Kiss & Adrian Paschke

15:45 16:00
Coffe break

16:00: 16:45 Multi-criteria decision making methods for e-negotiations: A critical review Jamshid Etezadi

16:45 17:30 Discussion  



Martin Bichler Christine Kiss Adrian Paschke Rudolf Vetschera
Mareike Schoop Dirk Staskiewicz Jamshid Etezadi Sabine Koeszegi
Stefan Strecker Stefan Seifert Kevin Laframboise Gregory Kersten
Michael Stroebel Yufei Yuan Hsiangchu Lai Willi Pickard
Reinhard Brandl Torsten Eymann Stefan Seifert Tomas Stezer
Alexander Pikovsky Dirk Neuman Richard Brandl Thuc Doung Nguen
Gregory Kersten      



February 5, 2005