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InterNeg International Seminar

Markets, negotiations and dispute resolution in the new economy
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University
October 12-13, 2004

The hallmarks of the new economy are all things electronic — e-commerce, e-business, e-learning, e-government and e-health, not to mention eBay. The common thread of e-anything is that it is a social and/or economic solution implemented in software applications. Being a socio-economic solution it also involves interactions among people which, just as in the past, lead to conflicts and thus negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

The negotiation, or more precisely the e-negotiation, is thus the common strand in many of the applications. Governments, businesses and individuals constantly make decisions, and in this process they negotiate roles, prices, dates, delivery terms, and so on. On-line auctions became not only an accepted market mechanism but they also replaced some types of business negotiations. Proliferation of on-line auctions and other business transactions led to construction of dispute resolution systems such as SquareTrade and other types of e-negotiations, for example, ElectronicCourthouse and SmartSettle.

The phenomenal growth of telecommunication equally well enables simple exchanges that lead to simple decisions, and very complex exchanges. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss several research projects focusing on the e-negotiation services and business models, design and implementation of e-market systems, construction of conflict resolution mechanisms, and the use of e-negotiation systems.

This 2 day international seminar is sponsored by the SSHRC INE project Electronic negotiations, media and transaction for socio-economic interactions. Both days will feature a combination of academics, business people and graduate students who will discuss current topics of e-markets and e-negotiation research.

The seminar will take place in the atrium of the Concordia University's Samuel Bronfman Building, 1590 Doctor Penfield Avenue (corner Cote-des-Neiges).  (Link to map).

October 12

 9:15 Jerry Tomberlin Welcome

 9:30 Christof Weinhardt Market engineering

10:10 Jinbaek Kim

Design and analysis of auction mechanisms for supply chain configuration

Coffee break      
11:10 Hsiangchu Lai A performance comparison of group buying models with different incentive mechanism

11:50 Dirk Neuman A Structured design process for electronic markets
Lunch (for registered participants)     
13:30 Stefan Strecker Multiattribute auctions in electronic procurement

14:10 Eva Chen Eagora: Agent-based electronic marketplace supporting e-negotiation
Coffee break     
15:00 Ofir Turel Antecedents of attitude towards online mediation

15:30 Daniel Rolli Service-orientation in markets

16:00 Ka Pong Law and Shikui Wu Invite: A platform for multi-protocol e-negotiation systems


October 13

 9:00 Morad Benyoucef On the need and feasibility of deploying e-negotiation systems as web services

 9:40 Yufei Yuan Critical review of e-negotiation research
Coffee break
10:30 Jamshid Etezadi Emu: A system for estimation  and measurement of utility functions  

11:10 Gregory Kersten E-negotiation systems: Interaction of people and technologies to resolve conflicts
Lunch (for registered participants)     
13:00 Marina Sokolova Language in e-negotiations: Negotiation, influence strategies and parts of speech
13:40 Jesús Ríos Models and methods for participatory budgets
Coffee break    
14:30 Zhen Feng Empirical evaluation of agent-supported negotiations

15:00 Teri Kirk University and private sector collaboration to build market ready e-negotiation and e-ADR solutions: The ElectronicCourthouse case study

15:30   Discussion & Conclusion



February 8, 2005