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Group Decision and Negotiation, 2005
July 10 – 13, 2005. University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Sessions organized by the E-negotiation project

1 E-negotiation experiments
  Jamshid Etezadi
  Factors Influencing the Pre-adoption of e-Negotiation Systems
  Shamel Addas, Eva Chen and Rustam Vahidov
  Determinants of Satisfaction in e-Negotiations as Perceived by Inspire Users

Jamshid Etezadi, Haitham Tamim and Gregory Kersten

2 E-negotiation platforms and systems
  JinBaek Kim
  Design and Implementation of Invite, a Multi-protocol Negotiation Platform
  Ka Pong Law, Gregory E. Kersten, JinBaek Kim and Stefan Strecker
  Design and implementation of InterNeg Support System in the Invite Software Platform
  Shikui Wu and Gregory E. Kersten
  Application of e-Negotiation System to e-Democracy: Participatory Budgeting with Invite system
  Jesus Rios, David Rios Insua, Eva Chen, JinBaek Kim and Ka Pong Law

3 E-negotiation models and procedures
  Vivi Nastase
  Theory of Negotiation Protocols for Developing e-Negotiation Systems
  JinBaek Kim, Stefan Strecker, Gregory E. Kersten and Ka Pong Law
  Configurable e-Negotiation Systems: Solutions and Perspectives
  Morad Benyoucef
  Generating Packages for e-Negotiations
  Vivi Nastase, Gregory E. Kersten and JinBaek Kim

4 Experimental studies in e-negotiations 1
  Hsiangchu Lai
  User adoption of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Services: From a Conceptual Model to Experiment Design
  Ofir Turel
  User Assessment of Internet-Based Negotiation Support Systems: A Confirmatory Study
  Eva Chen, Gregory E. Kersten, Jamshid Etezadi and Rudolf Vetschera
  Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communications in E-negotiation
  Hsiangchu Lai and Her-Sen Doong

5 Experimental studies in e-negotiations 2
  Hsiangchu Lai
  Experimental Evaluation of Agent-Supported e-Negotiations
  Rustam Vahidov and Eva Chen
  Foundations of an Experimental Study for Comparing Auctions and Negotiations in Electronic Procurement
  Lutz Limburg, Daniel Rolli and Christof Weinhardt
  Decision Support Tools in E-negotiations: A Comparative Analysis
  Hsiangchu Lai, Gregory E. Kersten and Her-Sen Doong

6 E-negotiations and auctions
  Stefan Strecker
  An Efficient Competitive Bidding Process for Supply Chain Formation
  Jin-Baek Kim
  Transforming Auction Mechanisms into Protocols
  Dirk Neumann , Bjoern Schnizler
  Continuous-Time Multi-Attribute Double Auctions
  Henner Gimpel


March 16, 2005