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Journal of Decision Systems

Vol. 13, No. 4, 2004

E-negotiations: Models, Systems, and Processes
Guest co-editors: Wojciech Cellary and Gregory E. Kersten

Table of Content

W. Cellary, G. Kersten   Electronic Negotiations: Models, Systems, and Agents. Introduction to the Special Issue

M. Schoop, F. Köhne,
D. Staskiewicz

  An Integrated Decision and Communication Perspective on Electronic Negotiation Support Systems: Challenges and Solutions
J. Denzinger, G. Ruhe   Decision Support for Software Release Planning Using e-Assistants
W. Picard   Towards Support Systems for Non-Monolithic Electronic Negotiations. The Contract-Group-Message Model
R. Kowalczyk, V. Phiong,
S. Dunstall, B. Owens
  Towards Supporting Collaborative Scheduling in Adaptive Supply Networks with Negotiation Agents
S. Ludwig, O. Rana, D. Veit   MatchMaking Shell. A Shell for supporting Service Negotiation
K. Sumi, R. Mizoguchi   Talkabout: E-negotiations via Concept Tree Generation


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