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Research reports


Preference structures and behavioral consistency in negotiations. Rudolf Vetschera. INR09/04, Full text (pdf, 468 KB).


E-negotiation Systems: Interaction of People and Technologies to Resolve Conflicts. Gregory E. Kersten. INR08/04, Full text (pdf, 1.07 MB).


Using Domain-Specific Knowledge to Classify E-negotiations. Mohak Shah, Marina Sokolova and Stan Szpakowicz. INR07/04. Full text (pdf, 131 KB).


Protocols for Electronic Negotiation Systems: Theoretical Foundations and Design Issues. Gregory E. Kersten, Stefan Strecker and Ka Pong Law. INR06/04, Full text (pdf, 235 KB).


Language Patterns in Text Messages of Electronic Negotiations: A Preliminary Study. Marina Sokolova, Stan Szpakowicz and Vivi Nastase. INR05/04, Full text (pdf, 313 KB).


A Software Platform for Multiprotocol E-Negotiations. Gregory E. Kersten, Ka Pong Law and Stefan Strecker. INR04/04, Full text (pdf, 225 KB).

  Estimating Negotiators Performance without Preference Information. Rudolf Vetschera. INR03/04, Full text (pdf, 932 KB).
  A Business Model for e-Negotiation in Electronic Commerce. Yufei Yuan , Ofir Turel. INR02/04, Full text (pdf, 256 KB).
  Automatically Buildinga Lexicon from Raw Noisy Data in a Closed Domain. Marina Sokolova, Stan Szpakowicz and Vivi Nastase. INR01/04, Full text (pdf, 83 KB).
  National Cultural Differences in the Use and Perception of Internet-based NSS - Does High or Low Context Matter? Sabine Köszegi, Rudolf Vetschera and Gregory E. Kersten. INR09/03, Full text (pdf, 150 KB).
  An E-marketplace for Agent-supported Commerce Negotiations. Eva Chen, Gregory E. Kersten and Rustam Vahidov. INR08/03, Full text (pdf, 424 KB).
  E-negotiations: Towards Engineering of Technology-based Social Processes. Gregory E. Kersten. INR07/03, Full text (pdf, 134 KB).
  A Framework for Situated Decision Support Systems. Rustam Vahidov and Gregory E. Kersten. INR06/03, Full text (pdf, 88 KB).
  E-Democracy and Participatory Decision Processes: Lessons from E-Negotiation Experiments. Gregory E. Kersten. INR05/03:
Full text (pdf, 630 KB).
  The Determinants of NSS Success: An Integrated Model and Its Evaluation. Rudolf Vetschera, Gregory E. Kersten and S. Köszegi. INR04/03: Full text (pdf, 590 KB).
  Towards a Structured Design of Electronic Negotiations. Martin Bichler, Gregory E. Kersten and Stefan Strecker. INR07/02: Full text (pdf, 390 KB).



October 4, 2004