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 InterNeg Research Centre
 Suite MB-014-264
 1450 Guy Street
 Montreal, Quebec H3H 0A1
 Tel: (514) 848-2424-2799

InterNeg Research Centre

The Centre, its people, projects, systems, publications & events

Projects   which we organize, coordinate and in which we participate.
Seminars   which we organize for students and researchers in Montreal and beyond.
Invite   our software platform which we use to build e-negotiation and auction systems. Inspire, Imbins, Imaras and SimpleNS are available for web users. Inspire 3 was successfully launched in November 2013. With enhanced graphical features and modified tools, the system is even better than ever.
Video demonstrations   we invite you to view demonstration videos of 2 of our systems, Imaras and Imbins (seller, buyer).
Research papers   an outlet for dissemination of our and our collaborators' research.
Research exposition   the Centre was pleased to be a proud sponsor of this event for the fifth year in a row. The 2013 Annual Graduate Research Exposition (AGRE) took place on Thursday November 7, 2013 in the MB atrium. Bo Yu, PhD candidate presented Embedded Technology Use and Acceptance.

The InterNeg Research Centre at Concordia University was established in May 2005; it is hosted at and supported by the John Molson School of Business and the Concordia University Office of Research.

New Researcher Announcement

The Centre is very pleased to announce the position of Réal Carbonneau as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Réal has an impressive academic and research bacground and is sure to be a productive member of the team. Welcome aboard Réal!


View the list below of some of our members recent successes!

Gregory Kersten:

Gregory, the Director of the Centre was recently awarded a 7 year renewal of his Concordia Research Chair award.

ShiKui Wu:

ShiKui, supervised by Gregory Kersten, and long time member of the Centre sucessfully defended his Ph.D proposal entitled, Three Studies on Multi-attribute Market Mechanisms in E-Procurement) Wednesday, August 15th, 2012.

Stephen Appelbaum:

Most Outstanding Paper Award (May 2012), Emerald Literati, Article: “Globalization of Performance Appraisals: Theory and Applications”, Management Decision, Vol. 49, No.4, 2011, (570-585).

Top Ten Download List on Social Science Research Network (2012), Article: Y. Yao and S.H. Appelbaum, “CEO Compensation as a Process and a Product of Negotiation”, Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society ,Vol.9, No.3, 2009, (298-312).

Inducted in Provost Circle of Distinction 2012 by Concordia University.

Gregory Kersten, Pierpaulo Pontrandolfo, Rustam Vahidov and Dmitry Gimon:

Best Paper Award, EC-Web, Shanghai, Dec. 2011, Article: “Negotiation and Auction Mechanisms: Two Systems and Two Experiments.”

Gregory Kersten, Dmitry Gimon and Rustam Vahidov:

Paper titled “Concession Patterns in Multi-issue Negotiations and Reverse Auctions,” has been nominated for the Best Theme Paper in ICEC 2012.

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